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Wedding Photography The Travellers Club Pall Mall

Wedding Photography The Travellers Club Pall Mall

The oldest club in Pall Mall
I must say this is one of the finest venues I have attended to photograph a wedding. It really is a glorious venue.
The Club was founded in 1819, 'for gentlemen who had travelled out of the British Isles to a distance of at least five hundred miles from London in a direct line'. Membership was extended to foreign visitors and diplomats posted to London.
The original concept of The Club dates from the return to peace in Europe following the Napoleonic Wars. The founders envisaged a club where gentlemen who travelled abroad might meet and offer hospitality to distinguished foreign visitors. Arrangements for the establishment of The Club were finalised at a meeting in the spring of 1819, attended by distinguished diplomats, travellers and two future Prime Ministers (the Earl of Aberdeen and Viscount Palmerston).
The head of Ulysses was adopted as the Club symbol.
The Club was first housed at 12 Waterloo Place but soon outgrew the space and so moved to 49 Pall Mall (opposite the Oxford and Cambridge Club).
In 1826 money was raised to lease part of the grounds of Carlton House and Sir Charles Barry, who later designed the Houses of Parliament and the Reform Club next door, was appointed as architect.

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