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Shearsby Bath Leicestershire Wedding Photographer

Shearsby Bath Leicestershire Wedding Photographer

With all the weddings I capture I got as much detail from the client before the wedding the feel they wanted in their wedding photography. The couple wanted lots of natural and black and white. The wedding took place at Shearsby Bath in Leicestershire. This is a venue I have been to several times. The day started at the church capturing guests arriving and the wedding story was complete with the first dance. Not only will the couple have all their wedding photographs on a USB in black and white, but also a complete set in colour. All the images are full size and printable.
People sometimes ask me what camera I use. I use Nikon D750. This is a fantastic camera and all the lenses I use are Nikon too.
You can contact me here to talk about wedding photography. All the very best with your plans